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2010 South Africa World Cup
30 Jan 2010

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2010 South Africa World Cup
Written at Monday, June 28, 2010 | back to top

I've watched the world cup since the beginning until now, almost every single match.
From news, comments about Fabio Capello, how fierce is he, how strict is he, and no WAGs allowed in wc, it should be a world class performance by England. But what was the results?
England's 1st group match was against USA at 2.30am m'sian time. I purposely stay up to watch it. Gerrard scored a goal during the opening 5mins. it was like woah England really have the chance to win. But after the howler by Green, everything was like a mess. Second group match was against Algeria, it was suppose to win comfortably by England, but it was so shity, they play like our country. Poor passing, no click between players. Thus it end up with a 0-0 draw. It came to the last group match where they must win to go into knockout stage. And they won it. They played much better in this match.
Today's match against Germany was ok at the beginning, but everything gone wrong. England was 2-0 down in 30mins, but Upson manage to score thru a header. Mins later, Lampard 'scored' from abt 25-35m. Where the blind, bribeD Uruguayan referee named Jorge Larrionda and his fellow linesman didn't allowed the goal which is clearly over the goal line. Here is where FIFA needs to explain about his so called high tech video and every England fans would like to know why such grade E ref is allowed in wc. I think the number of time he blowed his whistle is less than ten, excluding half time n full time. And it was so clearly shown that he is sided to Germany.
The results end 4-1 which is so heart broken. It shouldn't end like this. If the goal by Lampard was allowed, I believed the results would not be like this. I'm so pissed off by this effing ref! And Germany shamed on u! U need bribes to win. Even u win the wc, nobody will respect u! I would say your win is equivalent to Henry's handball.
Not that the fault was all on Germany. Decisions made by Capello is so unpredictable. Milner was substituted by Joe Cole and Defoe by Heskey. I wonder why he made such decisions. All his lineups to me is just so wrong. England's defenders in this match were worst. Specifically I would say is Terry.
Everything is over now. See you in Euro 2012 and I would hope to see a better team of players on the pitch. Bring on Joe Hart! Bring on the youngsters! James, Heskey, Terry, is time to retire from international duties.
Hope to see the Three Lions roar again after this horrible world cup.
Written at Tuesday, February 2, 2010 | back to top

Its almost half a month that I didn’t blog. caz it was exam period. I think my preparation for this exam is like shit q(>.<)p nevermind, it already past. How was my exam??Its average only.
First paper was accounting. My accounts sux…and I don’t like accounts! I thought this time will be better than last time…caz I did some practices. 2 balance sheets, 2 income statements and 2 cash flow statements. But my effort was wasted! *hate* as usual, my balance sheet is imbalance & I can conclude that my balance sheets in exam had NEVER been balance before! Funny rite? The income statement is still okay but some errors at the end, caz I don’t know how to do liao=$ cash flow? Lagi teruk…haih I think my accounting result will be like shit =#
Economics was good=) Those questions were so Rasyad =.= what my friends comment on it. What diamond and water, and the camel thing. But gotta thank him for preparing not-so-hard paper for us. But if he cancelled the negative marking part, better duh.
QM…my preparation for it was terrible…the last 5 lectures were really last minute & the interpretation of Statistic Package for the Social Science (SPSS). The night before I slept at about 4.30am and woke up at 8am to do some final studies. The section A is still ok, caz I still manage to answer some but I think is incomplete and the section B I just wrote out whatever is on the table! Lol! And why only 1hour? The time is too short man!
Rest for 5 days before the next paper. As usual people will think haiya still got 5 days, today rest first. Then at last not much time left for me to prepare! IAP is average, emm at least I have sufficient time to answer. I see the neighbour table, she wrote a damn a lot! About 8pages?? Mine is only 4pages! Shit! Nevermind ba…I think it already enough.
Last paper CMP. Shit paper I tell you! I think I’m too stressed and thus cause failure to encode! Wtf? I forgot almost everything I studied before…my head was so damn pain! Scared to death! But when I got the paper, it actually was ok not hard…but the problem is the time is so not enough!!!! I got no enough time to write my point! And my handwriting was sux at the end! Why can’t they prolong the exam time? Another half an hour is enough! Arhhhhhhhh I have quite some point more to write!!!!!!!
Anyway…it already a fact…can’t change…nevermind! I hope I can pass all my subject, that’s more than enough! =)
30 Jan 2010
Written at Saturday, January 30, 2010 | back to top

today suppose to have a reunion dinner with my father's side relative. but i did not go. Cause I don't like to go! I feel they always bully my dad, my dad is the one who gonna pay the bill, but why can't my dad choose which restaurant to eat? why must they choose? And why should they choose the luxury restaurant! bull shit u all! u all cheat my dad's money! to u all:"no money then don't eat!" and to the sons :"dont boast in front of me! damn you all" boast shit la want to eat at luxury restaurant no money, go and use my dad's money still wanna boast! 1 have dslr another also must have...everyday talk about buying cars...look at what car u driving?! beh tahan! the shittest thing is that 1 of my cousins may come here to study! **** damn you! don't you dare to request wanna stay in a room with me! the answer is a N-O!
since im not going to the reunion i went to my old high school friend's house warming. beautiful house! but a bit warm...maybe is too crowded! enjoy :-) ya i drove there alone! woohoo...brave leh?!
Written at Monday, December 28, 2009 | back to top

Glitter Generator
Written at Sunday, December 27, 2009 | back to top

This will be a very random post. I thought of writing it when I was rolling on my bed…I think I have insomnia…I suddenly feel that I miss my toddler day care centre, tuition, art class, primary & secondary friends. I have lots of friends, but how many best friend I have? I think only a few…sad

Emm start with the one that I most remember. He is 3years elder than me. When I was in 2c he was in 5c. We use the same class in school; the only difference is he is in the morning session while I’m in the afternoon. We and the whole gang la, can’t remember their names duh. We played zhuizhui everyday…(lol kids like to play this). Haih many more about him, I miss him. But we lost contact. How sad =(

There are 2 important friends that I can remember when I was in standard 1c. One of them is the one sat beside me. I didn’t realise he treat me so good until I was in standard 2c. He came over from his class when he heard I was crying…(lol forgot the reason). Another one is, he help me to carry my heavy bag to the bus when I hurt-ed my elbow. When I think back, like so sweet…=$

Memory in 2c cannot be forgotten! I love all my friends from 2c! They are good! We are like one big family! Teachers and friends treat me so good!

3a, not bad too. The one sit beside me woah help me a lot! My Chinese was damn poor back then, he helped me in my homework and exams…lol serious!

4n,5n,6n…the ‘a’ class change its name to ‘n’ class lor…sat with many people before. All of them are guys…they are good too! They talk, play, and treat me nicely! They were young but they know their so-called responsibilities as a guy=D and yah I have a best girl friend too! We even discuss together that we gonna enrol into Tsun Jin High together and cont’d study together! But I broke my promise all because of the stupid assistant headmistress fault! She told me dad that the school not so good, cause if you’re not in the first two classes, you won’t be able to sit for pmr. Lol I think she lied! And course me and my friends lost contact for N years. Sad too

Secondary life…I make a new gang of friends. All the memories just cannot be deleted! So fun! Our animal family=) me & my friend, tz’s ‘parents’! Those are our! Ouh came that sux school. I am damn famous there. Believe it! As usual I had a ‘family’ there too. Overall not bad too! My best friend, uncle leow! I miss those times!

Friends during those times are so simple and sincere.

Why do people change from simple and sincere to not simple and insincere? I mean some not all.

26 December 2009
Written at Saturday, December 26, 2009 | back to top

time flies and we gonna say byebye to 2009 & say hi to 2010.
=C i'm getting older!
okayokay christmas eve-spend my day with my belove @ campus. he wanted to watch alvin & the chipmunk, but i dont feel like watching it on that day=$ paiseh! he treated me for dinner @ chili's. this was the 2nd time I went. But I think we order the wrong food. The chic with some honey sauce is nice @ 1st taste, but after that it taste like too sweet. His lagi funny(",) he describe his dish as 'kfc' ahaha very normal only. The drinks, we ordered a bottomless mango juice, cannot share, so we gotto order another glass of sky juice. tot cheap ma...but it is foc. After dinner went back to study but end up like playing. (",)study abit la
christmas day...nothing special...we ate tomyam noodles for brunch and dinner at yipsheng. this year like very quiet...maybe economy is bad.
today...initially he invited me to his friend's steamboat party...wanted to go caz long time dint eat steamboat..but very scary lah..all his friends, like very paiseh...or maybe i have this social phobia! at last dont want to go...come back home to meet my mami n dadi better=D caz i suddenly feel i miss my mami! i oways have many many stories to tell her...happy=P
in the evening, i went to la senza mv, to buy pyjamas. Caz they have sales and if u'r uob card holder u can enjoy additional like not so expensive...affordable! if not...huhu em seh dak,too expensive! i bought 2sets! so nice and comfordable!
hmm how to end this post?!?! haha sms-ed with my long-time-dint-contact best friend! ehehe
10 Dec 2009
Written at Friday, December 11, 2009 | back to top

im happy today and yesterday...because my dad is happy...=D
yesterday my dad brought us to Jalan Alor to eat ikan bakar...damn nice weih=D
Today, he spend alot of money without making noise...not
he bought me 1 pair of crocs, 1 crocs bag strap and 1 set of la senza pyjamas...
although both is also out of season type, but i like it =P
its not for show-ing off, but its on the comfy of the product.
my dad likes to invest in long term. lol
hmm first time ever went to klang to have klang bak kut teh!
nice! but sadly i tertelan quite a big piece of meat...stuck in my throat....
hmm recently i felt weird. is my fault or other people's fault? am i too sensitive? can somebody tell me?
why can i tak boleh tahan people that 'carry' people?! its non of my business ma...y ar?! explain to me.
i enjoy doing work with my friends=D thanks for all the help=D
9 Dec 2009
Written at Thursday, December 10, 2009 | back to top

sorry cause i throws tantrum easily.

recently really not in good mood.

small little thingy will also make me feel annoyed.

but something is really make me annoyED!